Bardons & Oliver – Branding (Logos and Business Cards)

Bardons & Oliver is an old-line (since 1891) manufacturing firm with its roots in Cleveland.  Not much has changed marketing-wise for Bardons since the beginning.  This business card was what was in use when I started.  It was different for almost everyone who had a card, with regard to what was on the card and where it was placed.


We shifted the logo from Broadway to Britannic Bold (this was best I could do at the time) and I created new business cards along with a new logo.

Fabry Business Cards


Before I left the firm, I wanted to redesign the main web site ( I tried to convince the management team that we need a newer, fresher logo, as well. I created two options.  The font for the company logotype below is Sansation.

Choice one:

Final Logo Two Ends Round_White

Choice two (on the business card redesign below):

businesscard3 with 2endround logo

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